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REVIEW: The Ghoul Next Door by Lisi Harrison

The Ghoul Next Door (Monster High Series #2) Title: Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door (Monster High #2)
Author: Lisi Harrison
1st Published: 2011
Genre: Chick-Lit, Fiction
Page Count: Hardcover, 241 pages
Finish Reading: August, 2012
First Sentence: TThe amber-infused air snapped with anxiety. (excerpt)

Synopsis: Fitting in is out.

Cleopatra de Nile: Cleo was the queen bee of the RADs, the normies, and everyone in between at Merston High. But now it's "Frankie this" and "Melody that" . . . these new girls sure know how to get her lashes in a tangle. When Cleo lands a golden Teen Vogue photo op for her friends, everything seems to be back on track . . . until they bail to be in some film . . . Frankie and Melody's film! Can't a royal get some loyal?

Frankie Stein: Frankie lost her head over Brett once and vows never to do it again. Not that she has a choice: Bekka is clinging to her guy like plastic wrap. But when Brett comes up with a plan that could help the RADs live free, sparks fly, and Bekka will stop at nothing to put out the flames . . . even if it means destroying the entire monster community.

Melody Carver: The clock is tick-tick-ticking. Melody has a serious deadline to save her boyfriend, Jackson, from being exposed by the vengeance-seeking Bekka. But Cleo is making it royally difficult for the normie while threatening her acceptance into the RADs' exclusive group . . . a group that Melody suspects she has more in common with than she ever thought.

This book continues from where the first book left off. Which I really enjoyed. 

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“Quote” ― Lisi Harrison (Monster High #2)

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My Rating: ★★★★☆
Overall (Goodreads) Rating: 4.02 Stars
( o u t . o f . f i v e . stars)

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