Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader shutting down July first!?

So I recently found out that Google has decided to shut down their Google Reader service. This news makes me sad since I've recently found this great app that works along with it... BUT that isn't the point. The point is that now one has to find other new ways to follow some of ones favorites blogs.

I actually wouldn't know where to take you, but Book Chick City has listed a couple of sites to alternative blog readers in their latest blog post: Google Reader is Being Retired July 2013 – Here Are a Few Alternative Ways To Continue Following Book Chick City and Your Other Favourite Blogs.

I have yet to check out most of those sites, but the only site I have used in the past is Bloglovin'. A site I utterly enjoyed using, if only it had an iPad app maybe then I would use it most frequently.

If you do decide to use Bloglovin' or any other website I hope you decide to follow or keep following my blog.

Follow this blog with Bloglovin'

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