Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bookish Thoughts: Hot Property by Carly Phillips.

TITLE: Hot Property (Hot Zone #4)
AUTHOR: Carly Phillips
GENRE: Romance
FIRST READ: June 2015
RATING: ★★★★☆

THOUGHTS: I bought this book because it was a Carly Phillips book [and not just because male with the abs on the cover —that are probably photoshopped.😂🙈], and I LOVED her Hunter & Ty Series. I actually read the second one first: Sealed with a Kiss. And it seems I have repeated that trend since Hot Property is the fourth companion novel in the Hot Zone series, and since it's a companion novel I don't think I missed much, but it did seem like characters from the previous books were popping in this book. But overall Hot Property was an enjoyable, fast read. Hot Property is about a famous athlete named John Roper, and his new publicist named Amy Stone, and basically Amy's job is to help John get his head in the game, but it's a little hard with so many distractions going on. That was a horrible synopsis, but if you love romantic comedies and a good light read this is probably a book or series you would enjoy reading.

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