Sunday, June 7, 2015

May (2015) Wrap Up

MAY WRAP UP. In May I only finished reading three books, and that was in the last week of the month. So I was cutting it close, but I did manage to read:

  • To all the boys I loved before by Jenny Han
About a girl who writes letters to ex-crushes, and saves them, and one, somehow the get sent to the ex-crushes. At first this book was alright, not bad, but not what I was in the mood for so I put it down for a few days, but since it was a library book I picked up once more to see if I wanted to finish it before it was due, and once I hit a curtain chapter (I was eight chapters in, previously), and I zoomed through the whole book, and had to read the sequel which I did. For a better synopsis of the book you may want to click here.
  • P.S I still love you by Jenny Han
The sequel to: To all the boys I loved before, and may have liked the first one a bit better, but I enjoyed it all the same. Not sure if there is a third book to come out, but I kind of hope there is. For a better synopsis of the book you may want to click here.
  • Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas
About an unmarried-virgin woman who's has just turned thirty, and who has decided to get rid of her virgin status by hiring someone to do the job. (This book takes place London, England, 1836 in the United Kingdom) She wonders if she had made the right decision, but before she could call of the person. A good looking male is at the door. Great book for a better synopsis your may want to click here.
I feel like I started the year strong, but am slowly going to old non-reading habits, but I am still getting some reading done so that's good. For the month of June I have already finished reading City of Bones, Am a good 70% done with City of Ashes, and am almost done with a Carly Phillips book. So, I think that's a good way to start off my reading month.(:

💬: What did you read or are planning to read?

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