Friday, January 20, 2012

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Okay, Okay, Okay... *blows the dust off this blog*

I am so sorry, for not even trying to keep to my promise of at the very least reviewing the books I have read, but I promise all that is going to change... I will make sure to start writing reviews and posting what I thought of the books and such... As promised I will write reviews for ALL the books I have read... even child's books (why not?) And, I know with school and all the 100 Book Challenge may be hard... but I will do it... You have a review coming your way... after I finish with what my new layout should be... :)
Photo from my Instagram @geishacielos 
My winter book haul was a total, fail! The only book I read from it was The Christmas Carol by Charles Dicken, but I promise you I will read all of these books and review them. Especially since, I’m taking my 100-book challenge seriously.  As you could see (below or above) I got some entertaining reads and two Greek Mythology books! So, I guess I better get on that. (I finished Crank by Ellen Hopkins in the morning, dam that cliff hanger.)


* I don't know if I will read all of the Encyclopedia though, but I will skim and read about curtain goods and such.

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