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REVIEW: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka

Title: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Author: Jon Scieszka
Illustrator: Lane Smith
Date Published: March 1, 1948
Page Count: 32 Pages
Year Read: I was Young :)

Goodreads: Now fans of the delightful The True Story of the Three Little Pigs can hear the story read aloud in inimitable style by Jon Scieszka. Side one features a reading of the story accompanied by music, while side two offers a toe-tapping original soundtrack by composer Kurt Hoffman.

Pre-Review: I remember the first time, I read this at school... I thought it was the most brilliant story ever written... for I never did trusted those pigs xD

Review: As you may have already imaged or read this children's book is from the a wolfs perspective. In short detail this book is about how the wolf wanted to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbors, the pigs, so he could make a birthday cake for his dear old granny,while having a cold may I add. I loved the fact that Scieszka portrayed the wolf to be a good guy and dressed him up in a clothes making him look like a modern citizen... unlike the pigs who had no clothes and were portrayed  as the mean neighbors who would not allow the wolf to borrow a cup of sugar.

This story in my opinion is a great story for children because, it teaches kids how there will always be two sides of the story rather then a story to be one sided. It also can teach kids how people could manipulate stories to fit their own version (for all the news reporters were portrayed as pigs). I thought that was a bonus to this story, you get a cute remake of the "original story" plus a little lesson about trust and observation.

I loved how the cover illustration was a news paper, "Daily Wolf" clipping making the story seem truthful for it says "by A. Wolf" as told to Jon Scieszka for Scieszka (who is not a wolf) is a non-interested source making him neutral party who will not change A.Wolf's side of the story like the pigs did. Making the story reliable to trust especially, the way the story was told.

Leading to (4:40 in the YouTube Audiobook) has another newspaper named, "Daily Pig" and the headline being, The Big Bad Wolf! Showing that sense of bias for this newspaper was written by pigs for pigs. Who are one sided to the story. I loved how that plays a part in this book, though I know most kids would not know about credible and non credible sources, but the whole... there are two sides to every story and who to trust... plays a big part in this story.

But Seriously, I love the story line to this book I love how the Wolf is framed and how his cold was the one who got the best of him and how the pigs were portrayed as mean (or the last one was O.o;; ). I recommend you show this book to every kid, it has great story line and is just AWESOME... I like to believe that every kid will love this story and maybe even you :3
My Rate: ★★★★★
Overall (Goodreads) Rate: 3.61 Stars
( o u t . o f . f i v e . stars)

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