Friday, January 2, 2015

BOOK THOUGHTS: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

Title: The House of Hades

Author: Rick Riordan
Finished Reading:
January 2nd, 2015

It was a great continuation to the series lot's of crazy things happen along the many journey's the heroines had to go through to get through it all. I must say it made me laugh, and also made my heart warm up, and it also made me sad at times. I am looking forward to seeing how the series ends in the next book. Till then I recommend this book, and the series plus the first series. So you could know exactly how they got to were they are in this book. Love these books so much. 🙈💕

I re-started for the new year of 2015. In case you do not know me. My name is Janeth. I am 22 years old, and love to read despite my lack of reading at times. I use to be a BookTuber, but I have been on a one-year hiatus.🙈 But hoping to have the courage to come back towards book vlogging, and blogging again. Well, till next post.😊

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