Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just Saying: May RE-Read Twilight! It's been awhile.

 Note:  I have never considered my self to be a Twilight fan. I like the books, the movies are okay. Robert Pattinson is hot but not to the point that I will stalk him for playing the role of Edward. I'm just not a fan girl type of person. I get obsessed with things but I am no fan girl or am I? O.o;;

 Unnecessary Information: 
The first time I read the books was when I realized  that the movie Twilight was actually "a book".  So Winter Break of 2008 or 2009 was when I first read the Twilight Saga. I don't remember. (Limited amount of people know that the only reason I watched Twilight was because of Robert Pattinson, and not because of his acting. ;) And at the time I actually thought Twilight was just a book not a saga.  I wasn't much of a reader in those days. So I asked my father for "the book" Twilight then he was like alright. Later he noticed that the box set was actually cheaper then just buying one book.

So he asked me if I wanted the box set? And I was like alright if the other books are by the same author then they must be good. [I read Midnight Sun before the actual books. Let me just say I wish all the books were in Edward's perceptive instead of Bella's or Jacob's] Then when it arrived on Christmas day... (Yes, I got the Twilight Saga on Christmas.) I was happy to the point that I looked like a nerd (to my family) because I was happy for receiving books on Christmas. Then I started reading them. Twilight took me around Two days, New Moon and Eclipse took me around three days, and Breaking Dawn took me about a week. My whole winter break was spend with Edward and Bella (and Jacob I suppose.)

And I actually remember enjoying them and don't remember having that many complaints about the books. Except for the whole Bella crying for a guy for many, many, months. As I read that part of the book I was just like. "Come on Bella, you don't need that Vampire. Just fall for a human they're less complicated." But did she listen to me no. She had to go for the next complicated thing a Werewolf. (I have nothing against werewolves I just never liked Jacob.)

 So, why do I want to re-read the books? 

Because, I'm starting to forget details in the book. But mainly because of ALL the criticism. I don't remember Bella being my favorite character, but I also don't remember hating her like many people do. Maybe the reason for why I liked the story so much was because it reminded me of a spanish novella and many girls/boys or women/men in spanish novellas are like Bella and Edward. All they could think about is on their significant other. Well, that's all I have to say. (I was on YouTube and ran into twilight stuff/opinions... and it made me wonder... whether I was to naive to not notice the bad writing or character development or the bad story line like many people make it out to be.)

PS: I'm not a big fan of the movies okay maybe just the first one, so I may just re-watch them (except for the third one, because I haven't even watched it xD) to see how it goes. I might watch them first and then re-read the books.

All this may happen in a couple of weeks from now, but it will eventually happened.

[This is longer then expected. :O!]

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