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REVIEW: Mostly Good Girls by Leila Sales

Title: Mostly Good Girls
Author: Leila Sales
1st Published: October 5th 2010
Page Count: Hardcover, 347 pages
Finished Reading: May 5, 2012

Goodreads Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Violet is doing her best to juggle the academic, social, and extracurricular stresses of junior year at an elite prep school, in this fresh, funny debut novel.

Review: I picked this book up at the library, because of its cover. I usually don't enjoy books about friendships because in my opinion and personal experience friendships just don't last as much as one want them to. And usually the author doesn't do a good job developing the characters or with the story line, but I decided to give this book a chance. At first I really liked it, but the novel is slow paced, and that brought down my score to three stars.

 I feel like for this being Leila Sales' debut novel she developed the characters and story line very well. I actually enjoyed this book even though I usually dislike these types of books. I liked how Katie and Violet are different. Violet is a very studious person who takes her academics seriously, and Katie though she is insanely smart is the opposite. "She just wants to have fun." I found them rather stupid at times, but sometimes people say or do stupid things, so... I like that aspect of the book too.

  Sales' made me laugh at some stupid parts: parts where Violet starts thinking a guy (Scott Walsh) loves her just because he hugged her. Things most teenage girls would get happy about whenever around their crush. I also loved how Sales got the voice of each character. I could actually hear their voices in my head, but the pace of the book just made me feel like this book was never going to end.

 Plus Violet talks about exams, and things I normally want to run away from, but I did like Violet's devotion to school, and her how she stuck to her plan. Also, liked how she crushes on Scott Walsh and how she imagines scenarios on how she should talk to him and stuff. I just kind of wish it concentrated a bit more on the "romance" (in her head) then her friendship with Katie.

In the end I gave this book four stars, because the ending was hilarious or at least to me it was. It just made my day. x,D

Recommends it for: anyone who enjoys books about prep girls and best friends.

My Rating: ★★★★☆
Overall (Goodreads) Rating: 3.60 Stars
( o u t . o f . f i v e . stars)

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